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Diagnostic Results

• Decision Analysis

• Synovial Cyst

• Spinal Stenosis

• Degenerated Discs

• Sciatic Nerve Pain

• Spondylolisthesis

• Brain or Spinal Cord

• Location of Herniated Discs

• Unable to walk

Additional Information for LOBAK Diagnostic Questions

• I’ve had back pain for…

• Have you had surgery on your back?

• What makes your pain worse?

• Is pain worse sitting than standing?

• Have you been awakened with increased back pain and found relief by sitting?

• Do you get pain, numbness, or weakness in both legs while walking?

• Can you ride an exercise bike without…

• With this pain, have you had any?

• Have you had X-rays?

• Have you had a CT Scan?

• Have you had an MRI Scan?

• Have you had a myelogram?

• Have you had an EMG?

• A herniated disc at the level or levels selected below:

• Scoliosis – is your lower back curved?

Additional Information for LOBAK Examination Questions

• Hip Pain – FABER Test

• Leg Raising Tests

• Strength Testing: Cock up your big toe…

• Sensory testing in the painful leg

• Reflexes in both legs…

Alternative Diagnoses – Click here for more possible causes of your leg or back pain