Usefulness of Guidelines

English National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) offered clinical guidelines for managing low back pain (LBP) in primary care. But guidelines were deemed just one of many aides to clinical decision-making. Physicians draw on personal experience, inter-professional networks and are constrained by organizational factors when deciding which treatment to prescribe, refer for, or … Continue reading Usefulness of Guidelines


. IF pain nerves emanate from a spot in the center of a vertebra (?), a way to "kill" those nerves could relieve chronic back pain. A surgical procedure has recently been given FDA Clearance to do just that. It involves inserting a large needle under X-ray guidance, usually under anesthesia, into the center of … Continue reading NEW INVASIVE TREATMENT FOR CHRONIC BACK PAIN and FDA CLEARANCE vs APPROVAL

Future Surgery Will Be “Intelligent”

Health Care Executives recently held a symposium on Intelligence in Surgery. They named three components; smart instrument systems, human understanding, and digital insights. Surgeons already have a lot of understanding about what they do, particularly in the O.R. My App LOBAK is an example combining human understanding with digital insight. It's a way of coding … Continue reading Future Surgery Will Be “Intelligent”


This is a rare kind of nerve disorder that can begin with numbness or weakness in the legs, or even one leg, and may have associated reflex losses. It could simulate nerve irritation from changes in the lower back, such as disc protrusion or spinal stenosis. I didn't include it in my list of other … Continue reading CIDP