A company called Geno Pharmaceuticals sells a pill for back pain called LOBAK. I think I named my AI program for managing lower back pain I call LOBAK in 1989 before they produced this pain medicine. Their pill is hard to find. Geno is based in India.

The LOBAK pill might work pretty well. It has 25 mg. of chloroxazone for a muscle relaxant, 50 mg. of diclofenac as an anti-inflammatory and 325 mg. of acetominophen as a pain killer, to reduce muscle spasm, nerve root edema and pain. The trade names for those drugs are Parafon, Voltaren, and Tylenol – none are opioids. It might cost less to buy the three drugs separately and take them together.

Also, Googling LOBAK finds a five-spice Malaysian meat roll dish containing radishes by that name.

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