The Flex-Bar Retractor Kit

The set, except for the table attachment (black handle), is sterilized. At the appropriate time during micro-diskectomy, the large, solid retractor bar, is passed through a small slit in the drapes to a non-sterile nurse, who affixes it to the table attachment and tightens it into the position held by the surgeon One of the long flexible segmented arms is then secured to the end of the bar and the nerve root retractor is clamped onto the other end. When the nerve root and dura are retracted exposing the herniated disc, a lever is turned that tightens an internal cable and fixes the retractor in place. That frees both hands for the surgeon to work. It also keeps an assistant (who isn’t needed) from pulling too hard on the root or dura and possibly doing harm.

Removal of herniated disk material can now begin. The instruments for that will be described in Part 5.

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