Cost of HNP Surgery Compared to Nonsurgical Management

Type of costs ($)Treatment group
Primary sick-listing episode922,747,611921,915,773
Recurrences of sick- listing episodes17270,64724492,753
Permanent disability benefits0081,507,900
Total indirect costs923,018,258923,916,426
Mean indirect costs 32,807 42,570
Mean direct costs 10,311 2,068
Mean total costs 43,118 44,638

When your LOBAK app results show that surgical outcomes will be equal to or better than nonsurgical treatment and the latter has been completed with little or no improvement, then waiting to do surgery only prolongs suffering and increases cost. The above table is from a European comparison study. It can be found on as “Cost-Utility of Lumbar Disk Herniation Surgery.” Although the direct costs of surgery were higher, the indirect costs due to recurrence of symptoms ( sick listing), and permanent disability benefits were less, as in the above table.

This study also included evaluations of quality of life years, called QALYs, for decreased pain, improved back function, reduced health-related problems and the ability to do regular activities. The gain in QALYs was ten times greater over two years with surgery. That makes the cost-effectiveness of surgery even greater. Even so, the choice is yours in most cases.

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