How can we avoid having back pain? Who knows? That’s like knowing how not to get cancer. Some who don’t smoke get lung cancer. We know things that increase the risk of having back pain, although some folks just wake up one morning with back pain. It is thought that when deep asleep and relaxed, a twist or turn can cause a disk to protrude. That is more common with herniated cervical discs – some patients just wake up with a “crick” in their neck, the pain then goes into the arm, and they end up requiring surgery.

I talked last time about the normal lordosis in the cervical and lumbar spine that humans have in order to walk comfortably. Our spines have adjusted to that state. Things that either increase or decrease these curves tend to cause pain. Back braces and neck collars help by reducing motion in these areas. Women who wear high heels say that causes back pain. The photo indicates why. See the increased lumbar lordosis? Wearing high heels throws body weight forward and the wearer must increase the lordosis in order to stay balanced. So, wear low or no heel shoes (earth shoes?) if you have back pain. That may help.

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